Project Thumper - Restoration and Cafe conversion of a 78 SR500

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This is shaping up to be a very interesting story.  Well worth following.

 "This blog is my attempt to capture and document the journey of my father and me both restoring 1978 Yamaha SR 500′s in two different cities."

 Project Thumper


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  1. Trav

    try aircraft stripper. It's a brand of paint stripper... really any brand of stripper should work.

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  2. i have 79? sr500 (black w/gold strips) 20k miles onthe clock. carb and tank were wasted got the carb working ,but the tank was kreemed or something, tried xylene to remove it with minimal results. i will try acetone next. any advice on the tank problem is welcome(trying to retain the orig. paint. thanks much for anything. wayne b. [email protected]

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